I am a witness

In 2007, the Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations filed a human rights complaint against the Federal government, alleging that Canada’s failure to provide equitable and culturally based child welfare services to First Nations children on-reserve amounts to discrimination on the basis of race and ethnic origin. After several unsuccessful efforts by the Federal government to have the case dismissed on legal technicalities, a hearing on the complaint began on February 25, 2013 at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and will continue into 2014. Click here for Tribunal dates and times.

The I am a witness campaign invites organizations and people of all ages to follow the case in person or online and to decide for themselves if First Nations children are being treated fairly. On this site you will find a comprehensive timeline with the legal submissions by all parties in the case along with relevant reports from credible independent sources like the Auditor General of Canada. 

Child-friendly information sheet on First Nation child welfare complaint

Updated! Information Sheet: The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare

AANDC statistics on number of days FN children on reserve and in the Yukon spend in care (1981-2012)

Dr. Cindy Blackstock on Indigenous Waves - audio update on the historic First Nations child welfare case

Updated Procedural Diagram: 2007 - 2014

Information Sheet: Retaliation Component of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare


The Caring Society gratefully acknowledges the generous legal support of Power Law and Gall Legge Grant & Monroe LLP.